‘Proud to be part of the largest global rollout of vaccines in history.
Don’t miss my keynote on March 23!’

Mounir Bouazar
Global Logistics Lead for Covid-19 Vaccines

Air Freight Conference 2021
Solving the global vaccine distribution challenge

Developing the COVID-19 vaccine is only the first step in battling the pandemic. The next is distribution. This sets the world of logistics for a great challenge. Is the distribution according to plan? Europe has a vaccine shortage problem. What will the manufacturers do about it? Which solutions have been developed for the last mile distribution? And who is responsible for the distribution to poorer countries? These were the topics of the Air Freight Conference COVID-19 Vaccine distribution on March 23.

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Key challenges in vaccine distribution

– What are the vaccines the world can expect in the coming weeks?
– What are the specific transportation characteristics (temperature, packaging, etc.)?
– Availability of warehouses, infrastructure and logistical means
– What modalities are in play for the last mile?