“How will Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac and others distribute their vaccines? Join us and find out!”

Majorie van Leijen

Air Freight Conference 2020
Solving the global vaccine distribution challenge

Developing the Covid-19 vaccine is only the first step in battling the pandemic. The next is distribution. A wide variety of vaccines is set to be distributed around the globe in the upcoming months. This sets the world of logistics for a great challenge. Solving this puzzle will be the topic of the multi-stage online Air Freight Conference on 17 and 18 December.

Key challenges in vaccine distribution
– What are the vaccines the world can expect?
– What are the specific transportation characteristics (temperature, packaging, etc.)
– Where will the production plants produce the vaccines
– Availability of warehouses, infrastructure and logistical means
– What modalities are in play for the last mile

For all professionals in vaccine distribution
This event will be broadcasted online. From multiple studios there will be a professional stream with a lot of possibilities to interact with the stage, meet other participants one-on-one and gain crucial insights in this complex topic. The event is meant for supply chain specialists such as: shippers, carriers, logistics service providers, governments, NGO’s, (air)ports and other stakeholders.

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Vaccines and logistics